Piamenta’s Rock Song Inspired by the Grace After Meals

This video presents Yosi Piamenta’s original rock song inspired by the Grace After Meals. Although most of this 8 minute long song is made up of musical jams, the lyrics (which are shown on the screen in Hebrew and English) are allegedly an ancient form of the Grace After Meals written by Moses. Referred to as the “Jimi Hendrix of Hassidic music,” Yosi Piamenta (1951-2015) was a popular Orthodox Sephardic singer and guitar virtuoso, known for introducing the electric guitar to Jewish music. In additional to his original songs, Piamenta covered many different types of  music, ranging from traditional Hasidic melodies to secular American rock music. Together with his brother, Avi, a flutist, Yosi recorded an album and toured with jazz great, Stan Getz.