Conservative Ashkenazi Grace After Meals (Audio + Text)

Conservative Ashkenazi Grace After Meals (Audio + Text)

In this audio recording, Rabbi Barry Kenter of the Greenburgh Hebrew Center sings the Shabbat version of the Grace After Meals according to Conservative Ashkenazi tradition. Conveniently separated into 14 audio recordings and accompanied by a PDF file with the Hebrew, English and transliterated text, this is a helpful resource for those who want to learn how to recite the blessing. While the Conservative version is almost identical to the Orthodox, there are several adaptations that reflect the values and beliefs of the Conservative movement, such as the gender-inclusive egalitarian language of the zimmun (invitation to participate), and the emphasis on Zionism and Jewish peoplehood reflected in the inclusion of prayers for the State of Israel, the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, and suffering Jews around the world. 

Shir Hama’alot (Introductory Psalm recited on Shabbat)

Tehilat Adonai (Introductory Psalm recited on Shabbat by some)

Zimmun (Invitation to blessing recited in a group)

Baruch Ata

Nodeh Lecha

Ve’al Hakol


Retzei (recited on Shabbat)




Harachaman (recited on Shabbat)

Harachaman (including for State of Israel, IDF, Jews in need, etc.)

Yirut Et

Ashkenazi Birkat Hamazon3