‘Fauda’ Star Explains Inspiration Behind Hit Show

Co-creator and lead actor Lior Raz talks about his inspiration for the show ‘Fauda‘ in this interview (4:34) with Fox News. Based on the life experiences of Raz and other co-creater Avi Issacharoff, ‘Fauda’ tells the story of Doron (Raz), commander of IDF’s counter-terrorism unit Mista’arvim, in his pursuit of Hamas lead-terrorist Taufiq Hammed, “the Panther.” In Israel, ‘Fauda’ has become equally popular among Jewish and Palestinian viewers and is lauded for honoring the complexity and humanity of both. When Netflix took the show up at the end of 2016, ‘Fauda’ went viral in the international community and now has devoted viewers all over the world. The third season, set in Gaza, is scheduled to be aired later in 2019.