Ami Yares & Heartbeat: Jerusalem

This video features songwriter, musician and educator Ami Yares performing his original song “Jerusalem” together with Heartbeat, a social change organization that unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians. The lyrics, provided below, explore how Jerusalem – known as “the city of peace” and often called “united” following the Six Day War – is actually a city of war, division, pain, loss and hopelessness for many. This performance was from the annual peace concert held at The Jerusalem School in East Jerusalem, led by Peter Paul and Mary’s Peter Yarrow. 


O, Jerusalem…

Peace unto you, peace unto whom?
A million faces staring you, wondering what to do
City named for peace stands on the edge of a sword
Too many prophets, poets, and pilgrims have died at your doors
Thousands of nights mourning from promises of glory,
Adds more fire to the story, makes the smoke a little thicker
Feel the friction in the ways we talk about you

O Jerusalem…

The roots have grown deep, the limbs have grown strong
Branches have been broken, leaves on the fall
An eye for an eye, until you go blind
A tooth for a tooth, until you can’t chew
And if that’s not enough, there’s always more to lose
Its time the losses start to offer a better way to lose
Cause this do unto others as you do unto yourself
Lost its only leg to stand on a long time ago.

O Jerusalem…

Completeness claimed, trying to fulfill your name
But you break down and take down, every connection you’ve made
Still you talk about united, but you’re thoughtlessly divided
You got to wear down those walls on the inside and out
And if everyone from Eden finally got their share
And the minority is minded, then we’ll talk about united
So show me the God that lets no more tears fall for Jerusalem